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Do you have between €250,000 and €2M to invest? Discover the Italian Golden Visa.

Does an investment that would give you and your family permanent residency in Italy make you say "Sì!" ? Then Italy's Investor Visa is for you!

The  Italian Golden Visa (as it is colloquially called) is offering a pathway for non EU citizens to gain residency in Italy through strategic investments in the country's economy. One of the most compelling advantages of the Italian Golden Visa is its potential to serve as a pathway to Italian citizenship. After having resided in Italy for a period of ten years, investors, and their families, become eligible for Italian citizenship giving them rights and opportunities within the entire European Union.

There are also the perks of a special tax regime, providing investors and their families with advantageous tax benefits to optimise their financial arrangements and enhance their investment returns. 

Investors have the privilege of including their loved ones in their Golden Visa application, ensuring that the entire family can benefit from the opportunities and amenities available in Italy.

Raising children in Italy can provide a distinctive and enriching experience. The nation's abundant cultural heritage, artistic treasures, and breathtaking landscapes serve as an inspiring backdrop for their upbringing. Children have the chance to immerse themselves in a society that highly values culture, history, creativity, and artistic expression. From an early age, they can explore renowned museums, visit iconic landmarks, and marvel at the architectural wonders that grace Italy's cities and countryside.

Italy boasts some of the finest international and bilingual schools, renowned for their exceptional standards of education and multicultural atmosphere. These educational institutions offer diverse curricula, allowing children to enhance their language proficiency and embrace cultural diversity. Mastering the Italian language is particularly valuable, opening doors for communication with locals, fostering a connection with their heritage, and deepening their appreciation of Italian traditions and customs. The academic excellence and affordability of Italian universities further enrich the educational landscape, offering opportunities for higher learning across various disciplines.

Golden Visa holders and their families are also permitted to work in Italy, enabling them to pursue professional opportunities and contribute to the country's workforce and economy. They also have access to the country's renowned national public healthcare system, ensuring comprehensive medical coverage for themselves and their families. 

Under the Italy Golden Visa program, investors can choose from a diverse array of investment options, ranging from investment in Italian government bonds to contributions to philanthropic initiatives. These investment methods offer investors flexibility and choice, allowing them to tailor their investment strategy to their unique preferences and goals.

Investors can choose to invest in one of the following options:

€2 million investment in Italian government bonds

€500,000 investment in an Italian limited company

€250,000 investment  in an Italian innovative startup

€1 million donation to a philanthropic initiative in Italy 

In conclusion, the Italy Golden Visa program represents a beacon of opportunity, offering investors a gateway to residency, prosperity, and a vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle. Through strategic investments, individuals can not only realise their aspirations but also play a pivotal role in shaping Italy's future prosperity. With its myriad of benefits and diverse investment options, the Italian Golden Visa program beckons investors to embark on a journey of growth, success, and fulfilment on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Let us be your trusted partner in making your Italian dreams a reality.

For more information on our relocation services and how we can assist you in navigating the Investor Visa process, contact us.

Come and find your Dolce Vita...

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