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About Us

Our Experience

Our Co-Founder, Kim Englehart, has been living in Italy for over 30 years, and has also lived in many other countries around the globe. As has CEO Boston Alexandra, having lived on three continents by the age of eleven. They have the personal experience necessary to fully understand their clients' needs during their relocation.

Our Philosophy

We value the individual. We take pride in providing a service that is not one size fits all but a service that is tailored to the individual. FLDV endeavours to render our clients’ relocation process a truly seamless experience.

Our Uniqueness

Unlike other relocation companies, we don’t simply get our clients from point A to point B, we provide a vast array of bespoke services to assist them during the settling-in process as well as assistance during their stay, such as a phone helpline service.

Finding La Dolce Vita's founders also have an architecture and interior design firm located in the Marche region of Italy. This provides FLDV clients with a contact for the renovation of their properties. Please contact us for more information.

Image by Marian Luzi

About the Founders

Kim Englehart, 
Co-Founder of Finding La Dolce Vita
Boutique Expat Relocation Agency


Kim has travelled extensively in her life, yet more than simply visited a vast number of countries, she has resided permanently or semi-permanently in many of her favourites. She has immersed herself in their cultures, learning the language, forming long-lasting friendships with the locals and — most passionately — learning how to cook the local cuisine. 


Italy is where her heart lies. A country overflowing with rich cultural heritage and regions so diverse that moving from one to another can seem like travelling abroad. 


Kim first came to Italy at the beginning of the 90s and has spent the majority of her life here. After a six-year stint abroad, her heartstrings — always attached to La bell'Italia — recently pulled her back to establish Finding La Dolce Vita together with her daughter, Boston Alexandra.


They believe that FLDV will help others overcome the many obstacles that so often have stumbled newcomers when moving to Europe whilst trying to navigate the complicated bureaucracy, language barrier, and cultural differences. Moving anywhere can be a stressful time in one's life and FLDV endeavours to make your move, to perhaps THE most beautiful places in the world, a truly seamless experience.

Boston Alexandra 
Co-Founder & CEO of Finding La Dolce Vita
Boutique Expat Relocation Agency


Boston Alexandra’s international upbringing, spanning three continents has bestowed upon her a unique perspective that fuels her success. Her fluency in multiple languages facilitates seamless communication, transcending cultural boundaries and fostering meaningful connections in the global arena. 


With an academic foundation in Languages, Economics, and Business Management from an international school in France, Boston Alexandra combines profound expertise with strategic thinking. Her formative years were marked by a natural affinity for streamlining intricate processes, evident in her early role providing relocation support to international friends and peers navigating the complexities of French and Italian bureaucracies. 


Boston Alexandra’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Finding La Dolce Vita, alongside her mother, Kim Englehart, a testament to her strategic thinking and meticulous planning. From the inception of their website to the intricacies of financial planning, every facet of FLDV’s foundation bears the mark of Boston Alexandra’s analytical finesse. 


Beyond her technical roles, Boston Alexandra’s insights as an expatriate have shaped Finding La Dolce Vita’s approach. Her personal experiences in traversing global landscapes and adapting to diverse cultures infuse the company’s ethos with empathy and practical wisdom.

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